Sometimes life takes a turn...
My turn was triggered from a form of impatience.

My background lies in the visual arts. But my head started spinning, too much noise and too few of exciting images. My impatience pushed me in the direction of modeling. Bringing together colors, patterns, shapes and texture. That is way I do not really think in terms of fashion.The collection rather evokes a mood, a pleasure to create than a seasonal fashion trend. It all happens very organically. I fall in love with an extraordinarily beatiful fabric, or I come across an interesting piece in an unusual place. “Trouvailles” I call them. It is not my intention to make a lot of clothes. Because I work with a few meters of fabric, I can only make a limited number of pieces. Sometimes even just a dress. 

My clothes are meant to remain timeless, original, handmade and unique. Now, my impatience has been turned into positive energy.

Born in Bruges, Belgium. Graduated with honours in Painting and sculpturing at the academy of Fine Arts in Antwerp and Ghent from 1993 until 1997.Laureat Higher Institute For Fine Arts (HISK) Antwerp 2000. Worked as artist in Rome, Milano (IT) Duisburg and Berlin (G). The artwork was featered in SMAK (Museum of Contemporay Art Ghent) and at the renowed Art Festival 'Poezië Watou' (B), Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum Duisburg and Künstlerhaus Bethanien Berlin (G). As well at galeries in Belgium and abroad.